Activate your Talents!


on a personal level:

  • To recognize your talents and use them in the right place?
  • To activate your potentials?
  • To actively control your perception, thoughts and growth?
  • To gain the necessary insights for your further development as well as for important decisions such as career planning, re-entry?

on a corporate level:

  • To know the talents and potential of your employees
  • To manage and develop your employees according to their talents
  • To increase efficiency thanks to increased motivation and targeted use of talents
  • To improve the corporate culture
  • for talent-focused staff selection, team development or restructuring 
  • To know the talents or brand values and USPs of the company
  • for promising and talent-oriented brand management 
  • To successfully implement the corporate vision thanks to the targeted use of all talents?

Our perception, thoughts, dedication and the willingness to develop ourselves further are our greatest potential!

Convert your Thoughts and Talents into Strength?

As a Talent Activator I support individuals and companies as Coach and Consultant to become aware of their talents and to use them purposefully!



Are you ready

  • For a change of awareness?
  • To actively create your reality?
  • Not to leave anything to chance?
  • To use your talents and opportunities?


Are your ready

  • To learn what your unique talents are
  • To recognize and use your potential
  • To identify your development areas and actively develop them further thanks to coaching?


Are our talents being used and promoted efficiently?

Do we know the talents of our employees?

Do we have

  • high performing and balanced teams 
  • a talent-based recruiting 
  • a motivating corporate and communication culture
  • as a start up the complementary team


Are we ready to capitalize on our strengths?

Do we know 

  • our corporate vision
  • our brand values
  • our marketing strategy
  • our USP
  • our competitors

Why working with me?

I have experience...

  • to accompany individuals in their personal and professional development as a certified ICF coach
  • support companies and start-ups in the field of talent development, recruiting as well as team coaching and leadership
  • to take responsibility and to lead as Brand & Product Manager in international companies...
  • as a management consultant in developing strategies, reorganization and process optimization 
  • in family management with three children and combining family and career...
  • to constantly work on myself, to develop myself further and to grow together with my partner...

I know, 

  • that every crisis is an opportunity and that one can grow from failures
  • what loss means and that it is my decision how I deal with it
  • that I have a sense of what is important and can trust my intuition
  • that social intelligence is our USP of the future
  • that I can help startups and companies with my broad knowledge and fast grasp of things
  • that everything starts with awareness
  • that there is a genius in every human being 
  • that I can expand my horizon through my mindset and thoughts and that I can determine my own future through manifestation.
  • that when I change, the world around me changes!

Cathérine Bauke, lic.oec.HSG,
Spezialist für Jaagou Talent Profile

About me

Cathérine Bauke lic. oec. HSG - Coach CPCC & ACC

"Based on my business background, professional as well as personal experience, and my training as a certified coach, I have a comprehensive understanding of my clients' challenges & needs."

My motivation

Make a difference everyday!

My goal in life is to support people & companies in their further development: to recognize their own potential, to realize the power of their own thoughts and to take the lead!

My history

Entrepreneur, mother of three children, lic.oec.HSG and certified coach. 
"Thanks to my education, professional and life experiences, I skillfully combine my sense of what is essential, with different coaching approaches and thus support my clients in their further development."

Let's get started!