Customer Feeback!

Belvoir Capital AG:
"Team communication and understanding of the different talents and behaviors has improved significantly thanks to Talent Coaching." Collaboration can be more efficient and harmonious, and the right people are working in the right positions."

Philipp. E.:
"Cathérine is a very multi-faceted coach with an eye for the essential. She has the ability to read between the lines and supports her clients to better perceive and develop themselves."

Claire A.: 
After leaving my job and many exciting years at home as a mother, my individual Talent Profile and Talent Coaching helped me a lot. I know which talents and potentials I have, what is important to me for my future and in which area I would like to return to work.
Cathérine, I am infinitely grateful to you!"

Start Up Rock Up:
"The talent coaching is great. We were able to find the right team members, it became clear to us what strengths, weaknesses and potential we have in the current team. Cathérine you rocked it!"

Simone P.:
"One hour of coaching with Cathérine has done more for me than two years of therapy. We work together on my future and I go home with new perspectives and ideas on how to improve my current life situation."

Start Up Pointup:
"The exact match talent profiles of our candidates and the professional guidance and assessment have massively increased the quality of our new hires."

Veronika S.:
"Cathérine encouraged me to use challenging questions to question my current reality and focus on my goals."

Patrick M.:
"Thanks to her creative elaboration of new perspectives, Cathérine helped me turn a hopeless situation into a new opportunity."

Carole M.:
" Thanks to the coaching hours with Cathérine, I have found out what is important for me and now that the children don't need me so much anymore, what kind of education I want to do. I suddenly have more time for myself again, can be more positive about my actually carefree life and know what I want."

Daniel R.: 
"With Cathérine's support, I now know how to position myself successfully within the company. It has improved my collaboration with my superiors and I have strong allies to support me."

Satisfied customers!

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