Our Talents are our capital!

Your Jaagou talent profile serves as a catalyst to get aware of your talents and development potentials and to find fulfillment in what you do.

This Talent Coaching is based on the Jaagou Talent Profile. Its

  • clarifies your strengths, based on the 4 elements fire, air, water and earth 
  • shows your potentials and areas of development
  • supports you in shaping your future / career planning
  • helps you with your return to job
  • enables you to recognize behavioral patterns and to change them immediately
  • helps you to align your own and others' perceptions
  • supports you in identifying concrete actions for your development potentials
  • enables you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses and the ones of others

Talent profile

The Jaagou Talent Profile describes talents, opportunities and behaviors of a person precisely and clearly.

It shows which talents or resources are fundamentally present and to what extent they have already been developed.

Jaagou Talent Profiles have with an average of 96% the highest descriptive accuracy within different personality profiles!


The Jaagou Talent Profile enables and promotes end-to-end development.

Based on the PITOC model, competencies are developed from the inside out:

  • Personal 
  • Interpersonal 
  • Team 
  • Organizational 
  • Customer Competences

Your Benefit

  • Becoming aware of one's own talents and development opportunities
  • Realistic self-assessment 
  • Targeted use of one's own talents in the right areas
  • Better understanding of own talents and the ones of others
  • Success in all areas of life


  • Evaluation interview 
  • Online completion of the Jaagou questionnaire (approx. 20 min.)
  • Interpretation of the questionnaire 
  • Individual talent coaching (approx. 2 hrs.)
  • Follow up coaching sessions if desired
  • If required e-learning tools

Jaagou means in Hindi: Hey, wake up!

Based on the individual Jaagou Talent Profile, the personal talents, opportunities and behaviors are precisely presented and illustrated.

In the individual coaching conversation, the individual talents, potentials and development areas are discussed together.

You will be aware of your talents and know which path you can successfully take!