Make diversity visible and use it!

  • Recognize talents and use them effectively.
  • Distribute functions efficiently within the existing team.
  • Find the best candidate for the open position in the existing team.
  • Change the corporate and communication culture in a positive way by increasing transparency.
  • Strengthen team spirit and mutual understanding for different approaches.
  • As a startup, know its personnel strengths and put together a complementary team.
  • Find the complementary talent for the executive team or board of directors.
  • Increase productivity through satisfaction, motivation and efficiency.


"Working with like-minded people is easier because you often agree. But this also carries the risk of a very limited view as well as one-sided skills."

Business Talent Coaching enables to use talents efficiently!

Business Talent Coaching

Talent Coaching strengthens your competencies from the inside out

Based on the individual Jaagou talent profiles of leaders and employees, individual and structural improvement potentials are developed and implemented during the personal consulting process.

Based on the PITOC model, your potentials are successfully developed:

  • Personal Competence,
  • Interpersonal Competence, 
  • Team Competence,
  • Organisational Competence, 
  • Customer Competence. 

Benefit for your company

Talent Coaching supports you throughout the entire employee lifecycle:

  • Find the best candidate for your open position thanks to precise talent profiles and the analysis of individual development potentials
  • Increase productivity through selective use of talents/employees 
  • Creation of balanced teams
  • Efficient and promising distribution of functions
  • Employee motivation through realistic self-assessment and targeted talent development
  • Improvement of team collaboration, mutual understanding and corporate culture 
  • Creation of function-related talent profiles
  • Reduction of staff turnover through targeted employee development based on individual talent profiles

Pontential advancement

Talent Coaching enables you to use your valuable employee resources more efficiently:

  • Joint analysis of the core development areas in the company
  • Development of improvement potentials based on individual talent profiles and distributed functions
  • Implementation of Talent Coaching in the individual phases of the Employee Life Cicle (Recruiting/Development/Team Building...)


Talent Coaching in the recruitment process
combines the following points:

  • Talent analysis of the existing team
  • Creation of the searched job profile
  • Creation of talent profiles of the top candidates
  • Targeted personnel selection by matching the required function profile with the top candidate profiles as well as the team profile